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The Mourning Kill

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The Death of Me

I think this book is going to kill the author before it kills the characters; it’s a slow go writing it. I’ve been working on it for awhile now, and it’s got its timeline and its character list and a… Continue Reading →

Meet Some Characters – Alternate Set-Up

“Mom, I’m going over to Emily’s. See you!” Fourteen-year-old Michael banged through the dining room on his way out the door. “Michael, take it easy, honey! You’re not a baby elephant, you know.” The Smith College teacups rattled in their saucers…. Continue Reading →

The First Setup – Meet a Few Characters

Smith College in the 1970s was a mecca for women’s lib. Billie Jean King, who was not a Smith alum, and Gloria Steinem, who was, were the heroines of the hour. Courses in Women’s Studies were popular on campus, and… Continue Reading →

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